Cut Your Cell Phone Bill with These Phone Plans

Phone plans are complicated and often expensive. It’s enough to make the most avid phone lover’s head spin.

You need to worry about whether a phone plan is prepaid or not, whether you want 4g LTE or 3g, whether 8Gb in your data plan is enough or if you should get unlimited data, and on top of it all, you need to think critically about whether you’re getting a good deal or not.

Regardless of whether you just got a new phone and are looking for a suitable plan or are sick and tired of your old phone plan and are looking to make a switch, this post is for you.

5 of the Cheapest Phone Plans

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Mint Mobile

Mint Mobile’s 4Gb plan is currently one of the cheapest on the market! For just $15 per month, you get unlimited text and unlimited calls nationwide PLUS 4Gb of data. What if you’re not from the United States?

For the best network coverage from one of the big names in the telecommunications space for a low price, look no further than T-Mobile’s $15/month unlimited plan. So whether you need to make a call in the city or across an acre of land, this plan is worth considering. With this plan, you’ll get unlimited talk and text plus 2.5Gb of high-speed data.


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