Did You Know These Stars Were in the Mickey Mouse Club?

You’ve probably heard that many celebrities got their start in The Mickey Mouse Club. However, if you’ve never seen the show itself, we don’t blame you!

Long before there was Hannah Montana, Wizards of Wizardly Place, Lizzie McGuire, and Tricked, Disney aired The Mickey Mouse Club as a means to finance Disneyland.

It was an hour-long afternoon variety show featuring a cast of young kids and teens known as “Mouseketeers” who donned the famous Mickey Mouse ear hats.

Some cast members like Darlene Gillespie and Annette Funicello also starred in dramatic serials. For instance, the popular Hardy Boys starred Tim Considine and Tommy Kirk.

Other major serials include Spin and Marty, Corky and White Shadow, and Annette. Of course, there were plenty of Disney cartoons.

While many think MMC started in the 90s, it was, in fact, during the 1950s when the show first aired.

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