vision boards make dreams come true and this will help

DIY Your Online Dream Board in 7 Easy Steps for Free

Once you’re clear on your why and you can see it every single day, you align yourself with your goals and have a much better chance of succeeding

How to Create your Free Vision Board Online in Canva. Make Your Dreams Come True and Stay Motivated

Swipe Up at Anytime for more info!

1: Click on Create a Design (this will be your vision board template)

For more info on sizing and different templates swipe up!

2: Hit Custom Dimensions

Canva has lots of dimensions to choose from. Swipe up for phone dimensions and desktop.

3- Enter 8” by 10.5 “ as your dimensions

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You can also set up other dimensions for your phone and tablet.


4: Add some image grids to your dream board. Click on Elements on the left-hand side. Search for square photos or a grid to find image templates you can add to your page.

5: Upload images to your Canva by clicking on uploads. You can find lots of great images for free on Ivory Mix, Canva, Upsplash to name a few.

6: Add some text to your online vision board. Click on Text and choose from tons of great free fonts.

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7: Save and print your vision board.

You can recreate these dream boards for many things, work goals, travel dreams and more!

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Click Below for the Full Instructions and to Learn More About Dream Boards! 

Learn more in the post and grab templates that you can use in minutes.

If You Want to Purchase Ready to Use Customizable Dream Board Templates Click Below.  Make a Dream Board in Minutes!

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