Does Cost of Clothing Stress You Out? Here are 10 Ways To Get Free Clothes!

Finding free clothes can be a great way to reduce your consumption and save that hard-earned money for other important things!

1. Clothing Exchanges

Consider hosting a clothing exchange with some friends or neighbors. Everyone takes the clothes they no longer wear, and everyone exchanges clothes for the items they want.

2. Swap Clothes Online is a great place to exchange your clothes online. So post what you no longer want and what you are looking for, and get swapping!

3. Hand Me Downs

I love hand-me-downs! Hand-me-downs are a great way to get free clothes, especially for children.

4. Look on Facebook Groups

You may avoid Facebook to avoid your great-aunt’s conspiracy theory posts, but Facebook can be a treasure trove of all things free, including free clothes.

Don’t overlook Craigslist! Many people use Craigslist to post about the stuff they are giving away, including free clothes!

5. Don’t Forget to Check Craigslist

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