Dream Journaling for 2023 - 5 Things You Want

Dream journaling is a beautiful practice for recording vivid dreams and nightmares while helping to give insight into your unconscious mind.

There are a few different ways people track their dreams for further reflection. Here are the top ways to dream journal according to the internet.

Many people agree that voice recording methods of recording their dreams is the most efficient and quickest way to document them before they forget the details.

1. Voice Recording

Someone stated, “I will combine it with an actual journal in the future. I found that recording right after waking up is easier than just dishing out all information with maximum output and minimal memory loss. And after recording, I can write it down.”

Another confessed, “I use the voice recording feature on the Temenos Dream app. Highly recommend.” A third volunteered, “I use a laptop and Audacity, a free recording application for Windows and Mac.

In addition to voice recordings, dream journalers use their phones. One stated, “My phone because it is convenient. I can pick it up right when I wake up and write down what I remember. I would like to know how lucid dreaming has been for people who don’t keep a dream journal.”.

2. Phones

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