Simple Skinny Mozzarella Sticks

These are low fat and low carb and give the mozzarella sticks a nice crunch while still keeping the traditional mozzarella stick flavor. You can even adjust your cooking time to make them crunchier if you’d like.

What You’ll Need:

– Mozzarella cheese strings (I usually buy a pack of 16) – Eggs (2 eggs) – Frying Pan – Cooking Oil (I use avocado oil) – Cooking brush


Unwrap all your cheese strings and cut them in half. Take two eggs and whisk them into a bowl.

Pour oil onto your frying pan to completely cover the bottom. Heat it on medium to low heat. Take your wonton wraps and with a brush cover the wonton in the egg wash.

Place your cheese string on the wonton paper and wrap it until it’s all covered in the wonton paper and cinch the top and bottom of the mozzarella stick.

Once your oil is heated and you have enough mozzarella sticks to get started place them in your frying pan and let them cook. Once they start to get golden brown flip then. 

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