No Blender, No problem

Evive Smoothie Review

All you need to do to make a  smoothie is pop the evive smoothie cubes in a cup with a lid, pour your favorite liquid over the cubes, wait a few minutes for them to melt, give it a shake and enjoy.

Evive Smoothies bring nutrition and ease into our homes.

Are Evive Smoothies Healthy?

There are ingredients in these smoothies that aren’t always available in grocery stores but are so good for you!

Vegan Gluten Free and an ingredient list you can trust!

Each smoothie averages out to about $3-$4 a smoothie wheel. You don’t have to use the full wheel each time.

How Much Do the Smoothies Cost?

They come in pods of 8 cubes, you use 8 for a thinker smoothie (for a meal) or you can use 4 for a lighter smoothie.

An Easy and Healthy Meal or Snack

 Delivered right to your door in all their frozen glory. There is no commitment to continue to order, you can cancel or pause your delivery at any time.

Smoothies Flavors

Saphir is made with Banana, pineapple, cauliflower, coconut cream, grape, lemon, to name a few ingredients.


Yogi sure did take me by surprise, it tasted so good, it’s unlike any other green smoothie I’ve ever made.


For More Info on Flavours and More Details About Evive Smoothie Cubes Click Below for the Full Post.

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This smoothie cube is packed with protein! It tastes amazing with a bit of water and even better with a banana blended in the blender.

Passion Mango