Evive Smoothies Review.  Are These Frozen Smoothie Cubes Worth the Hype?

A Healthy Smoothie in Minutes!

You can make smoothies and lunches in minutes with Evive Smoothie cubes!

Evive Smoothies have come up with a way to make your go-to superfood smoothie taste better and have even more nutritious ingredients to enjoy.

Make a Smoothie In Minutes with No Blender! Here's How

Take out a frozen smoothie wheel and pop 4-8 cubes into your favorite liquid

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Close your container and let the cubes melt! Shake and Enjoy!

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Evive Smoothie Ingredients

Evive smoothies are vegan, gluten free and NON GMO

Check out some of their ingredients.


Samourai Smoothie

Raspberry, Strawberry, Date, Rehydrated plant based proteins (filtered water, pea protein, chia protein.

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Mango Alma Berry

Mango, Banana, Kiwi puree, Date, Zucchini, Coconut cream, Sea Buckthorn berries, Pure lemon juice, Lemon zest, Amla berry powder, Blue spirulina, Ginger,

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Chili, Curry, and Mac Squash!