Feel Happier Right Now

That’s right, one easy way to feel happier right away! Feeling down and in a rut is a terrible feeling. It happens to us all and sometimes it’s hard to get yourself out of it.

From a very young age, I’ve always had to pay attention to my emotions and where my thoughts were because I’ve always been afraid of getting depressed.

A Little About Me and My Journey

One Easy Way to Feel Happier instantly

TAKE A DEEP BREATH. Fill your lungs with as much air as you can and then let the air out slowly.

If we take a moment to realize our negative feelings and then do something about them we can almost always turn our feelings into positive ones.

Change Your Thoughts

The Benefits of Practising this EXERCISE

Taking deep breaths helps you calm down, focus, and gives you a chance to move on with your day feeling more focused and aware of your thoughts.

Keep a Happiness Journal

I love having a happiness journal, every morning I try to write down five things I am grateful for, how I’m feeling that day and one mantra that I want to use that day.

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