Feel Happier Right Now

That’s right, one easy way to feel happier right away! Feeling down and in a rut is a terrible feeling. It happens to us all and sometimes it’s hard to get yourself out of it.

All my life I have battled with these feelings of negativity and sadness. From a very young age, I’ve always had to pay attention to my emotions and where my thoughts were because I’ve always been afraid of getting depressed.

A Little About Me and My Journey

As you do this think of something positive, anything at all, think of one thing that brings you happiness or peace.

One Easy Way to Feel Happier instantly

The more you start to become aware of your feelings and thoughts, the faster you’ll come to recognize when you’re thinking negatively and you can stop, take a breath and change your mood and emotions for the better.

Change Your Thoughts

 It makes you take a few moments to focus on your breath. It’s not often you take a moment for yourself to think, reflect and just listen to yourself.

The Benefits of Practising this EXERCISE

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