Financial Freedom is Possible on Almost Any Income - Here's How

Financial freedom is something we all want. We want to be able to provide for our families with ease, enjoy life without worrying about money, and help those around us.

Financial freedom has a lot of different meanings and looks different to everyone in some capacity.

We talk a lot about things you can do to reach your goals that include goal planning, vision boards, manifesting tips, and tricks but financial planning and awareness is also another key to making our dreams come true.

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Financial Freedom is Possible on Almost Any Income - Here's How

There is one major problem with earning a high income: we start to think that we can afford just about everything.

The Deceptive High Income Problem

Applying for a Mortgage: Conventional Vs. Portfolio Lenders

This equation is simple: First, we earn an income. Nothing can truly happen without some sort of cash flow.

The Financial Freedom Equation

Step #1: Earn an income

To achieve financial freedom, your income does not need to be big. Though, the more money we earn, the more we can invest.

Step #2: Invest your income

Investing a good portion of our income is what sets us up to build wealth, and this wealth is what enables financial freedom.

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