Self-Discipline: Follow These 12 Steps to Make it a Habit

I’ve put together the best tips that I could find, along with actionable quotes from books and authors that have helped me develop self-discipline over the years. Here are 12 ways that you can develop self-discipline.

Know What You Want to Do

Too many of us set vague goals. We want to be healthy or wealthy. We wanted to be more disciplined, but we don’t know what that discipline looks like.  Direction is much more important than speed.


Never Rely on Willpower or Motivation

Willpower is the last thing that you should rely on. The trick is to change your environment, hold yourself accountable, and set small goals so that you never have to worry about being motivated 24/7.


Ignore the Noise

You can’t develop self-discipline if you allow any of the following to distract you: – Everything that’s happening on the news – Notifications from 8 different social media apps – Arguing with strangers on Facebook


Make It Easy to Stay on Track

How can you make your goals easy? – Know yourself. – Work within your limits. – Focus on progress over perfection.


Hold Yourself Accountable

How can you hold yourself accountable? – Hire a coach so that you’re financially committed. – Find co-workers/friends on a similar path. – Make your goals public.


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