Food Prices Keep Soaring in 2023 But You Can Still Eat Healthy 

Here's how to create an affordable and healthy diet that works would be great for us all to learn ways that we can keep the costs down and our health a top priority while shopping.

A Glimpse at Food

While the cost of food impacts your wallet, a poor diet may impact it even further by resulting in increased medical costs.

Budgeting for Your Nutritious Meals

Embarking on a new healthy lifestyle can feel overwhelming, and even more so if you are struggling financially. More than 13 million Americans were food insecure at some point during 2019, but the good news is there is food assistance available.

How to Create a Healthy Eating Plan to Fit Your Budget

Understanding how to find healthy food on a budget starts with understanding finance basics and how to create a budget.


The first step to budgeting is to have a plan. Whether you’re purging your house of junk food or thinking about some nutritious ideas, here are tips to consider when beginning to think about your meal plan and grocery list.


If you have a plan, you should already know how much your grocery bill will be. Use a meal planner with a grocery list to help you save. 

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