Free Family Thanksgiving Bingo Game Printables Story

Thanksgiving Day is just around the corner and with the holidays comes family gatherings, a long-to-do list, and more time to keep the kids entertained.

A great way to ease the stress is by giving your kids a fun game to play while you’re getting things ready for family celebrations.

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You’ll give thanks that you found this cute thanksgiving bingo game that will keep your littles amused for hours on end.

It’s perfect for small groups, little kids, and any big kid that wants to join in on the fun. You can print, color, and keep it for personal use for years to come.

1 x instruction sheet 1 x calling card sheet with Thanksgiving pictures 5 x bingo game cards 3 x Thanksgiving coloring pages Upgrade to a 15 card game if you'd like.

What You Get:

To take this bingo game to the next level, offer a few prizes. My family sometimes uses cheap chocolate bars as a winning treats. We number the bars 1-10, then place ten pieces of paper numbered 1-10 into a small container.

More Ways to Play

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