Easy Ways to Have Fun with 80s Makeup

Looking for something fun to do on the weekends or evenings when you’ve just worked all week long? Have some fun with 80s makeup!

Ways to Have Fun with 80s makeup with the Family

If you would like to relive the 80s for a fun activity, here are a few occasions where you can plan an 80s night: 1. Dress-up Party 2. Halloween 3. Fun Birthday Party Theme

Here are some items that would give you the retro 80s look: 1. Crimper or small curling iron to make ringlets 2. A giant hair bow or lace to tie around the hair and into a bow on top 3. You can choose from different 80s looks such as punk, preppy or athletic!

80s Punk

Punk style is the more exaggerated and vibrant makeup: - Thick eyeliner - Dark eyebrows - Bright, colorful eyeshadow stretched beyond the eyelid area - Bold lipstick colors like dark purple or hot pink

80s Preppy

- Less bold eyeshadow but still had color - Blue eyeliner - Frosted lips and lip gloss - RayBan sunglasses - A sweater draped over the shoulders - Tretorn sneakers

80s Athletic

- Big poofy hair - Bright lipstick - Bright multi-colored eyeshadow - Everything neon or brightly colored - Tights with a bodysuit or leotard on top - Legwarmers

How to Do 80s makeup Now

Bushy Brows: Fill in any sparse areas with an eyebrow pencil. You can also purchase an eyebrow gel to hold the hairs up.

Eye Makeup

Try light shades of purple, blue or pink eyeshadow to give that 80s vibe. Apply orange color all over the eyelid for another subtle look and mix in a deeper shade on the outer corners.

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