Access Free Wi-Fi Anywhere in the World

We've all been there, the kids need wifi while you're away or you need wifi to check your emails.

Having a reliable internet connection is essential if you're a digital nomad. It can be challenging when you're on a budget and can't afford to spend much money on an internet bill each month.


Even though it is not ideal, there are still ways to ensure you can get online with free Wi-Fi access. This article will cover how to use hotspots so you can always access the internet anywhere in the world.

Best Ways to Find A Free Wi-Fi Network or Free Public Hotspots

There are many options to find free wireless networks or hotspots when you're out and about. There are several Wi-Fi apps that can help you with this. 1. Instabridge 2. wifiMapper 3. Wiman 4. Avast Wi-Fi Finder 5. Swift

These apps will show a map of your area with a list of all free public open Wi-Fi available. Most of these apps will allow you to track login requirements. They will also show reviews customers have left about Wi-Fi quality.

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A Swedish company developed Instabridge. It allows users to "turn on" and be a part of one of the world's largest free Wi-Fi sharing communities. The database is constantly updating to include functioning Wi-Fi hotspots. It also discourages users from using ones that do not work correctly.


This hotspot database contains an extensive list of hotspots and important information about them. You can display comments, the hotspot type, and its exact location. Developers have said they would like to implement password-sharing functionality and offline hotspot maps in the future.

Wiman, like Instabridge, is one of the largest hotspot databases in the world. Wiman operates like your smartphone's built-in Wi-Fi connection manager, offering Wi-Fi hotspots and classifying them based on their overall quality.


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