High Hotel Prices in 2022 – Book Resort Room Suites at Redweek instead.

With food, energy, and gas prices increasing, how can you afford vacation accommodations when their price tag is also rising?

Tired of Airbnb’s Increasing Fees? Try Redweek Instead

If you’re a traveler who prefers the space of an Airbnb, but these fees make rentals too expensive, there are more options out there for you to book vacation condos. One of them is Redweek.

When Airbnb launched 14 years ago, travelers loved to book home-like vacation accommodations cheaper than hotel rooms.

Fast forward to today, and between higher nightly room rates, increasing cleaning charges, and Airbnb corporate fees, their prices aren’t always less than booking a fully-stocked multi-room hotel suite.

What Is Redweek and I Can I Trust It?

Twenty years ago, Randy Conrads loved staying in timeshare resorts but was reluctant to make a long-term commitment to owning one.

At the same time, he noticed that many timeshare owners were looking for ways to rent out their unused timeshare. So he created Redweek, named after the timeshare industry term for the most in-demand weeks of the year.

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