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How I Started my Health and Wellness Business with Usana

What is Usana? Usana is a health and wellness company that provides high-quality vitamins and nutritional supplements and skincare products, keeping your health in mind.

Starting A Usana Business

If you’re passionate about helping people and you have a passion for health, this just might be the business opportunity you’ve been looking for.

Many Ways to Work a Usana Business 


If you're already into health and wellness and love spreading the word about your health routines starting a Usana business might be for you.

Drink lots of Water

You can start to switch your current vitamins and health products over to Usana and shop from your own store vs the big box stores.



Here's What You Do


Usana has a great commission plan and you get to help others see the benefits of consuming Usana Vitamis.

Affiliate Commission


You don't have to start a full Usana business to enjoy some commission, you can sign up and get 10% from product sales.

Preferred Customer


Sign up and get up to 20% off your products with Usana.  This is a great way to start and how I started my Usana Business. 

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