What is a Paradigm and How It Can Change Your Life for the Better

Paradigm refers to something not in the physical world but is a theory or structure of thinking like “science,” “math,” or the world being round.

Paradigm Change That Can Change Your Life

The framework of our life is based on things we believe, and others believe with great acceptance. Sometimes, changing our life paradigms can change our lives and how we live and see the world.


Manifesting is becoming more and more popular today because a large group of people has moved from the idea that things just happen to them with the notion that we hold power to manifest the life we want to live.


The focus of gratitude can change your life and the way you see it. Living in a way that you appreciate and accept everything you have will change your priorities, beliefs, and life.

Working Hard Makes you Successful

How about working smart makes you successful. Many people have been brought up to think that to be “successful,” you have to work hard and make lots of personal sacrifices.

Working 9 – 5 is Normal 

More and more people are beginning to venture out of the typical 9-5 job because there are better ways of doing business and better ways of balancing your job.

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