How to Journal: 6 Proven Methods to Help You Get Started

Journaling is at the top of many self-care lists, and for good reason. Getting your thoughts out on paper can do wonders for your mental health and help you stay organized.

Nothing happens. Your mind is blank. You’d think that ideas would flow through you, but you’re stuck. What should you write? Here are a few ideas and journaling tips that will help you get started.

Brain Dump

Brain dumps are great tools for organizing your thoughts and clearing your mind of clutter. If you are journaling to improve your productivity, this might be a great way to start.


Journaling for self-care can help you feel better about yourself and your situation. It can make you happier and lift your spirits to put you in a better mood.

Free Writing

Freewriting is an entirely different type of journaling experience. It’s the process of putting pen to paper and writing whatever pops into your head, whether it be a story idea, a to-do list, how you feel, or anything else.

Journal Prompts

Sometimes it’s hard to come up with your journaling ideas. If that’s the case, consider using journaling prompts. Prompts are short questions designed to give you a little push in a particular direction to help you start writing.

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