Here’s How to Manifest Money Today – Even if You’re Not a Believer

Money manifesting means we have to learn how to control the unpleasant thoughts that come to our minds when we have to pay our bills or we open up our bank accounts.  Here are the steps to manifest money.

Use Money Affirmations

Try to gain clarity and be super focused on what you want and what your money goals are. Keeping an abundance mindset is something that might not come naturally but with time.


Attend Workshops

There are some amazing coaches and workshops that you can take on manifesting and money manifesting. My faves right now are Kathrine from Manifestation Babe and Amanda Frances, author of Rich as F*ck.


Letting the How it Will Happen Go.

Fretting about how you will get the money you need or the job you desire, or the promotion you’ve been working hard for is hard to let go of. But when you trust, you let go, and you are open to receiving all the abundance.


Pracitice with Crystals

I love using crystals to help me stay grounded, feel good and they help me find calmness in my day to day.



Envisioning your abundance goals as reality is another part of the manifesting process. Visualization helps you create the reality you see for yourself.


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