How to Reduce Mom Stress

As a stressed out Mom of 3 I think I’d be crazy not to want to run away sometimes. All Moms have days like this and all Moms are o.k to want to escape and have a break. We all want to be a better Mom and a calm Mom. Try these tips to reduce your Mom stress.

What I mean about find your peace is find that activity that brings you happiness or a sense of calm. For me, I love taking a hot bath and just laying there in the quiet for a few minutes. I will also bring my book into the bath and read.

Find Your Peace

Deep breathing is a great way to calm down. Go somewhere quiet for a few minutes and take a few deep breaths. All the way in and all the way out. 3 seconds in, 6 seconds out.

Deep Breathing

Even if you don’t believe in God or a greater being……talk. Get your thoughts out there, send them out to the universe, talk about what you want and all the amazing things that will happen in your life.

Pray or Talk to the Universe

Sometimes when I am really stressed out and feel like I just need a quick mental escape I will turn to a game on my phone or computer. It helps you zone out for a few minutes and takes a much-needed break. If you are on a desktop there are games you can play that are quick and easy to learn.

Play a Game

This one is so great, especially before bed. This works wonders if I can’t sleep at night. Lay down and slowly start to relax your muscles. Start at the tip of your head and work your way slowly down to your toes. Relax each muscle one by one.

Relax Your Muscles

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