60 Inspiring Abundance Affirmations that Will Help You Prosper

Abundance affirmations are a powerful thing. Your mindset is a big part of whether or not you’ll ever feel abundance in your life. Affirmations lead to positive thinking that will change your life.

- I attract opportunities. - I am open to receiving all the gifts of the universe.  - I am a money magnet. - I am a super attractor.

Abundance and Prosperity Affirmations

- I am aligned with my purpose.  - I am aligned with my destiny. - I am grateful for everything I have right now. - I am full of gratitude.

- I am kind and I spread kindness. - I am love and I spread kindness. - I am ready to share my strengths with others.  - I am unstoppable.

- All my dreams are already meant to be. - I am an extension of the universe and anything I want I can have. - I am worthy.

- I make money quickly. - I am a money magnet. - I am financially free. - I am abundance. - Abundance comes easily for me.

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