10 Best Jobs For 15-Year-Olds: Make Money Before Graduating

You’ll be pleased to know that jobs for 15-year-olds aren’t as uncommon as some people think! Search in the right places, and you’ll find plenty of opportunities to suit your teenager’s interests.

Babysitting is a classic job for teenagers that can be lucrative and rewarding. What’s more- it’s usually straightforward to get started.


Babysitter or Nanny

From blogs and vlogs to podcasts and graphic design, anybody can learn the necessary skills and leverage the internet to earn an income from them.


Content Creator

Similar to babysitting, not only is it something you don’t need work experience or special qualifications to do, but there should also be plenty of demand for your services throughout the year.


Car Washer

If your child has a business idea and feels the pull to pursue it, we encourage you to take it seriously. Just make sure they a) understand it isn’t easy and b) are prepared to work numerous jobs on this list to fund it!


Business Owner

On the topic of businesses, what’s stopping your teenager from setting up a dog walking operation in your neighborhood? They could knock on doors and post flyers through letterboxes offering to look after peoples’ pets.


Dog Walker

For high school students in rural parts of the country, farm owners often look for people to help with a range of tasks. The specific role would vary depending on their needs.


Farm Helper

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