25+ Great Journaling Ideas: Journaling Samples You Can Use

Journaling is one of the tools that I’ve found to increase my frequency and mindset to set myself up for a positive mindset every day. Try one or multiple journaling ideas to see which ones make you feel good and help inspire you to keep writing.

Your Desires

Journaling about your desires is where you can let your creativity flow and imagine yourself in a different city, working for your dream boss, having coffee in a cafe with your favorite author/actor/political leader talking shop.


Your Family

Your journal entries could also be about the family you wish to create. Or the family members that you miss because they moved far away or have passed on.


Your Friends

Celebrating your friends’ accomplishments or special events, like the birth of their first child, is a beautiful way to remember that you were a part of these big moments in their lives.


What Makes You Sad and Why

Writing about what makes you sad and why is just as important as writing about what makes you smile. We can’t always be happy. Sadness is a part of life and something that needs to be embraced.



Keep a journal with positive affirmations that you can use to boost your mindset and use anytime you need to revisit affirmations. Affirmations can help you stay positive and make you feel happier if you’re feeling down.


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