1 Easy Way To Change your Life with Money Mindset

Let’s start with a quote from the book: If you are truly committed to kicking ass, you’ll want to strengthen your relationship with the universe in the following ways: Learn to quiet your mind and receive the information it’s trying to send you.

Breaking Down the Meaning

Do you ever think about the fact that the thoughts you have in your head have a direct relationship to making money? This isn’t even just about making money, it’s about everything you want to “kick ass at” like your relationship, being a good person, learning more, taking a class.

The Power of your Mind

You are a Badass at Making Money talks about the fact that in order for the Universe to help you, you need to quiet your mind, and be ready to listen to what it’s telling you. You have to be open to the ideas that come and accept that they might not look like what you had in mind.

Positive Mantras

Basically, these mantras keep your mind clear and aimed at your goals. It helps the universe see what you want and you’ll attract it! Believe it and it will come! Positive affirmations in any area of your life will help you grow and will change your life.

Believe in Something That Makes you Happy

It is so fascinating to believe that the power of your thoughts can be life changing. I’ve been putting into practice the last few years and I can tell you that it works. My life is better, I feel great. I feel unstoppable and so can you. Belive in yourself belive it’s possible and allow your mindset to work for you.

Put Money Mindset Into Practice

Take some time to pay attention to your money mindset today. What are you thinking about? Are they positive thoughts? If it is true that your thoughts allow you to manifest and attract money what you think about, are you happy with that? If you haven’t ready You are a Badass at Making Money yet I highly suggest it.

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