Kid’s Phones. How do You Pick the Right One?

In the market for a cell phone for your child? It’s a big decision. A good kid’s phone gives parents the power to monitor and control their child’s digital experience. Here’s how to pick the best of the bunch.

Benefits of Getting a Kid’s Phone

It is super convenient if your children have their own cellphones. (First of all, they won’t have to borrow yours all the time!) Jokes aside, having a personal phone can be a great safety measure.

They can call you in emergencies, call when they need a ride, and use apps like Uber or Lyft. Having access to a phone is critical now since public phones are non-existent. So kids need a phone to contact their parents.

What To Look For When Buying A Cell Phone For Your Child

When you decide your child is ready or needs a phone, then there are a few factors you need to consider before buying a kid’s phone. Different handsets offer different features and functionality.

You and your child need to have a conversation about what type of phone they need.


Kids don’t always look after their possessions. The younger the child, the more durable the phone needs to be. Some new phones are incredibly fragile and would not be a good option for young children – especially if they take the phone on the bus or to school.

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