Lacking Motivation- One Small Step at a Time

“Some people have an easier time with little things, and so we sometimes say start with something small, like a cup of coffee, Make it your intention to attract a cup of coffee today. ”

We all Need a Little Motivation

When I woke up this morning I was feeling down, there wasn’t any particular reason for it, it’s just the way I felt.

Listening to our Thoughts

It’s so important to listen to your thoughts, something magical could be there and you’re too busy to hear it!

Break Down your Goals

When you’re feeling overwhelmed, take the things you have to do and break them down into little things. Focus and get a little motivation going about the next hr and what you want to get done.

Focus on Today

The last few days I’ve been making myself write down in my agenda what I need to do each day when it comes to cleaning. This way my house is maintained, it looks good, I feel good and I’m feeling accomplished.

You’ll Never Get it All Done

Give yourself realistic goals. I don’t think there will ever be a day where everything you want done will actually be done and you won’t have the motivation you want some days.

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