Last Minute Mother’s Day Gifts you Don’t Need to Ship

Now that Mother’s Day brunches are back this year, there’s still no guarantee of getting flowers, cards or even fancy soaps to your mom on time.

Certainly, dropping them off is possible. But there are ways to send something very special to mom — beyond a quick text message, phone or video call, especially if you don’t live nearby.

These five are some of the best ideas we’ve found that will absolutely get to you mom on time because they don’t need to be wrapped, they’re sent on their own — and the only delay is how fast you can get to these sites.

1. Gift certificate to her favorite spa or salon

Normally these online gift cards might elicit a big yawn. But this year, they not only represent something she can look forward to, but they may also help a small business remain on their feet while lockdowns are imposed.

2. Masterclass

What do you get with a Masterclass membership? You get unlimited classes for a year and the opportunity to watch some of your favorite people spout on about their craft.

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3. Monthly clothing rental

We’re not talking about costume rentals here, but clothing rentals — something that’s really taken off in the past few years and may be something mom will appreciate especially if she’s into fashion.

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