Lovely Short Stories for Kids that Teach Valuable Life Lessons

Every parent, teacher, or babysitter will, at some point, find themselves playing storyteller and sharing children’s stories, whether it’s bedtime stories, stories by the campfire, or to pass the time.

While there are tons of stories for kids to choose from, quite a few teach valuable life lessons to kids as they hear the story.

These Stories for Kids Help Teach About: – Greed – Honesty – Kindness – Patience – Temperament – And so much more!

1. The Lion and the Mouse

This children’s story is about a Lion who decides to spare a mouse’s life when the mouse says he will repay him in the future. Moral of the story: You’re never too small to help someone in need, and kindness never goes wasted.

2. The Boy Who Cried, Wolf

Most people have heard this story before, but if you haven’t, it’s about a boy who repeatedly lies about a wolf chasing the sheep. Moral of the story: Lying will catch up with you, and people won’t believe you when you need them to.

3. The Golden Goose

The Golden Goose (sometimes called The Goose Who Laid the Golden Eggs) is a story about greed. A farmer and his wife have a goose who lays golden eggs. They start to think that the goose must have gold inside of it, so they kill the goose.

4. The Thirsty Crow

In this story for children, kids can learn about persistence and problem-solving. A crow finds a pail of water half full but can’t quite reach the water. He adds pebbles to the can until the water rises high enough for him to drink.

5. The Three Little Pigs

Most people know the story of the three little pigs who each build a house to keep out the wolf. The pigs who choose quick building methods are easily destroyed, whereas the pig who takes his time to make a quality house can withstand the wolf.

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