How to Create an Easy Morning and Evening Routine

As Moms we have the tendency to take on too much, we pack our day full of expectation and overwhelm our day full of things we think we need to do. Creating an awesome routine will help you be able to clear your mind and focus on the things that really need to get done.

Set Your Alarm for the Same Time Each Morning

Creating this habit makes sure that you’re starting your day off at the same time so you have enough time to get through your morning schedule. If we don’t get up at the same time we leave the room that overwhelmed feeling that we all know too well as mothers.

Make Your Bed

Making your bed as soon as you wake up starts your day off the right way. You get up, make your bed and you’ve already accomplished something today. Your bed is made and anytime you walk past your bed today it will look tidy and put together. This way you’ve already started your day off by being productive.

Tidy Up Your Room

Put anything you see out of place away and tidy up your room. If your room is clean you just feel better, you feel more organized and productive. It should only take you a few minutes to pick anything up from the night before. You’ve been up 5 minutes and you already have a made bed and a cleanroom.

Recite Positive Affirmations

Getting your mindset right is so important. Set the tone for your day by reciting positive affirmations. Repeat them while you take deep breaths. Inhale and exhale, do this slowly and at least 5 times. Say the words and believe them.

Eat a Healthy Breakfast

Fueling our body with the right nutrition will help you feel better and it will allow you to make better nutritious decisions the rest of the day. Even if it’s something small, there are huge benefits to eating good foods in the morning to start your morning off the right way.

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