15+ Online Parenting Classes You Can Take for Free

Parenting classes might be a great way to help guide you, after all, it’s one of the most challenging, most stressful, anxiety-inducing things a person can do!

Why Take a Parenting Class?

There are so many reasons why you should take a parenting class. For new parents, parenting classes can help ease feelings of stress and anxiety about becoming a parent.


Different Parenting Styles

Psychologists tend to focus on 4 key parenting styles: 1. Authoritarian 2. Authoritative 3. Permissive 4. Uninvolved


Online Parenting Classes

1. Pre and Post Natal 2. Healthy nutrition during and after pregnancy 3. Positive Parenting 4. CPR for babies and toddlers 5. Postpartum depression Caregiver classes for grandparents


Where to Find Parenting Classes Near You

Instagram parenting accounts and Facebook parenting groups are also great options as they will frequently post and share workshops and classes in your area.


Free Parenting Classes

Websites catering to productive parenting for divorced parents offer free courses, but you have to pay to receive a certificate of completion.


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