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Plan Your Goals so You Can Crush Them

Planning out your monthly goals is a fantastic way to really dive into your goals and set up a plan for success.

Goal planning is a great tool to use with your manifesting tools, visions boards, and remembering to stay focused.

How You Can Create a Goal Plan 


A brain dump is when you take a blank piece of paper and write down anything that comes to mind when you think about your monthly goals and what you’d like to get done that month.

Drink lots of Water

A Diffuser

Using the Brain Dump Method

These templates are made specifically for you to organize and track your goals, they’re also designed as a way to keep you motivated and determined.


Use the Goal Setting Calendar Template


Each month you can come back and reflect on what you’ve accomplished. I print these pages out and add them to a binder that I keep on my desk. I add the free goal setting calendar template to my planner and plan my weeks according to my goals for that month.

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