Popular Money Challenges that Could Help You Save During these Tough Financial Times.Story

Saving money is on every mom’s mind these days. Food prices are soaring and just about everything else costs more than it did two years ago.

The Biweekly Money saving challenge is a great one to start with. It requires putting away cash for 26 weeks or every other week for one year. The amount you choose to save can vary based on your goals and comfort level.

Week or Biweekly Savings Challenge

There are many versions of this challenge. You can start with a small savings amount, like $3 or $4. If you choose the first amount, put $3 away in savings the first week. Every two weeks, add an extra $3 to the last amount you put away.

How to Choose a Money-Saving Challenge

Choose a financial challenge that works with your budget and meets your goals. Setting goals and starting small can be a big win in many ways. It lays the building blocks for long-term savings habits that last over time.

Common Money Saving Challenges

Money saving challenges are smart saving strategies or smart spending strategies depending on the process. They can show you how to save up money fast — or how to save money, period.

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1. 100 Envelope Challenge

Number 100 envelopes from 1-100. Each day, put in the amount of cash listed on the envelope. By the end of 100 days, you’ll have $5,050 stashed away.

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