Budgeting with a Positive Money Mindset

At some point in our lives, we’ve all worried about money. Money has a big impact on our lives, and it’s easy to let your financial situation affect your mindset. If you have a good grasp on budgeting, you have the power to have a healthy mindset about money, and you can achieve financial success.

Why Having a Budget is Essential

It is about having your money represent what is important to you. And no two budgets are going to be the same. When you start tracking where your money is going, you might be surprised by your spending.

How we Manage our Monthly Budget

There are lots of options as far as how to manage a budget. Each has its benefits and cons. I’ve tried several in the past, but have been using You Need a Budget (YNAB) for over three years, and we love it. YNAB has a lot of things I love.


Mint is a top-rated budgeting app that allows you to keep track of everything quickly and easily. You can add your credit cards, bills, and financial goals onto the app and track them a month to month. It’s a very user-friendly app and has excellent reviews.


Zeta is another excellent app that allows you to add multiple people to your budgeting app. What’s great about this budgeting app is that it’s free!

Budgeting with a Positive Mindset About Money

Now that we have a better grasp on how to budget let’s remember to try to think positively about money. Let go of resentments about money and the idea that money is something bad or hard to obtain. Clear your mind and believe in yourself and your ability to accomplish anything you set your mind to.

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