134 Powerful Gratitude Journal Prompts – Free Printable!

Gratitude journal prompts helps you practice gratitude and it has been shown to increase your quality of life and well-being.

It helps change your thoughts and helps you feel better about where you are in the moment. It will also decrease your negative thoughts and leave you feeling grateful.

One of the best ways to practice daily gratitude is to keep a gratitude journal to write your gratitude each day.

Ways to Practice Daily Gratitude Each Day

1. Three things you have now that you’ve wanted in the past 2. Your favorite thing to bake or cook?

130 Gratitude Journal Prompts You Can Use Everyday

3. What are your superpowers? 4. What is your favorite simple pleasure? 5. What is your favorite color and why?

6. Your favorite thing to bake or cook. 7. Name the best gift you’ve ever received. 8. What is your favorite food?

9. What do you love about your job? 10. The best thing someone can do for you? 11. Where is your favorite place in your home and why?

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