Pregnancy Cravings: Should Her Sister Help Or Is She Going Too Far?

When you’re pregnant, it’s normal to have pregnancy cravings, but how far is too far? Should your family cater to your pregnancy wants? Her sister-in-law had strong views on pregnancy cravings and decided not to help. Would you?

Pregnant And Needy

The original poster (OP) recently posted to Reddit about her SIL, who is six months pregnant, high risk, and unable to work and, because of the situation, couldn’t keep her apartment.


Their Relationship Has Never Been Great

The OP and her SIL have never had the best relationship, but she put that aside because her husband wanted to help her.


Their Healthy Lifestyle

OP says she and her husband live a healthy lifestyle, and they don’t like a lot of junk food in the house as they want their kids to have healthier options.


Her Sister’s Requests

The SIL has been requesting candy, ice cream, chips, pizza rolls, and basically any junk food because she has cravings.


The Request for Different Meals

The SIL has also been asking OP to cook different meals because certain meals make her feel sick, and the OP feels it’s unfair because she has two kids to feed, and it’s hard enough to get them to eat what she cooks.


The Complaining

Recently the SIL complained again that they don’t keep anything she can eat in the house, didn’t eat the food OP made, and later that evening, she asked OP to go get her something from the store or fast food.


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