Prioritizing Family or Sticking to Schedules? The 6 Difficult Choices of a Grandmother

It’s a common expectation for parents to eagerly anticipate becoming grandparents and enjoy the fun aspects of spending time with their grandchildren.

Baby is Born

The original poster’s (OP) son and daughter-in-law just had their second baby at the end of this past November. Her son and his wife live an hour away; however, OP doesn’t drive or have a car.


Christmas Dinner

OP did host a Christmas dinner at a restaurant in early December for all of her kids. Her son and his wife said they would do their best to come with the baby, who would be around 2 weeks old at the time of the dinner.


Just Not Working Out

No one in the family visited them. OP feels like she’s done her part to see the baby with the holiday dinner; however, it just didn’t work out.


Has She Tried Enough?

OP says she tries to video chat with her kids and grandchildren once every few months, but her son has made it clear in the past when they haven’t heard from her in over 8 months that she needed to make more of an effort.


The Masses Weigh In

Readers gave their opinion on this grandmother/grandchild situation. One reader said, “YTA, 2 hours away by public transit, is not far to see your literal grandchild. They’re not asking you to do it every weekend but not even once?!


More Reactions

Another poster said, “The real kicker for me was the “I’ve done my part” thing, and the “life gets in the way.”


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