Ranked: 14 Simple & Easy Curb Appeal Ideas to Increase Resale Value

Let's review the best curb appeal ideas to keep in mind when looking to add value to your home or make it the best looking on the street! 

Curb appeal is what is referred to as the first impression by others when they see your home! 

Curb appeal generally refers to things like your lawn, landscaping, and the exterior of your home! Aesthetics matter when you are selling, looking to maintain your home’s value, and updating it.

14 Curb Appeal Tips to Seriously Consider

Fix that lawn!

A lush green lawn is one way to make your home stand out. However, this might mean you need to use a few of your weekends to get it in tip-top shape!

Paint Your Door

Adjusting the color of your front door or even replacing an old door is an effective way to increase your home’s curb appeal. You can paint your door yourself for under $45 or even have someone else do it for under $100.

Siding and Gutters

With so many new technologies, such as fiber-cement siding and alternative siding, you can add more color and durability to your home with ease.

Door & Window Decor

Adding a few garden boxes to your windows if you live in a condo or townhome is a cheap way to add color to the outside of your home, thus creating some more aesthetics.

Remove overgrown trees & bushes

Whether you trim down your trees and bushes or remove them, opening up the front of your home will give your home more appeal.

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