Simple Ways to Adapt a Healthy Diet on a Tight Budget Story 

If you have a limited budget to stick to every month, you can still create a grocery plan that works within your limits.

A Glimpse at Food

Spending a short amount of time and effort can help stretch your finances. Use the suggestions above, but take the following steps to make your limited funds go even further.

Ask for help:

If you’re struggling both financially and nutritionally, it’s okay to ask for help. Educational programs like Cooking Matters can teach you and your family about ways to maximize your budget as well as food prep and cooking classes.

Access resources:

There are multiple regional and local resources available to help families find access to healthy, affordable food.

Know how much is too much:

You can learn whether you’re spending more than similar families by checking the USDA’s food plan chart or checking out this Iowa State University grocery calculator to find the average cost of healthy food

Do extra food prep

One place grocery stores make additional money is by selling pre-prepped food. If you’re on a tight budget, avoid these items. That means buying whole heads of romaine or iceberg lettuce, as well as blocks of cheese rather than grated bags

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