Save Money on Outdoor Weddings With These Great Tips

There’s something special about outdoor weddings, whether on a beach, in a scenic garden, or against a breathtaking mountainous backdrop. The natural elements add a unique aesthetic to the occasion.

Tips on saving money for outdoor weddings

This is where creativity is key. Whether you’re considering securing a treehouse venue, exchanging your vows with a scenic mountain view or at a park, or hosting your wedding in a relative’s backyard

Try nontraditional venues (or free public options)

 Vendors are most likely available on Mondays or Thursdays, while Fridays and Sundays can sometimes be challenging to secure.

Don’t schedule the wedding on a Saturday

Book somewhere with on-site catering

The average cost of catering for a wedding is $75 per person, per The Knot. And with the ongoing supply chain issues and inflation not abating, these prices will most likely increase. On-site catering, if available, can mitigate costs and save time on trekking in food from another location.

While some couples may get caught up in the rustic aesthetics of a farm wedding—from the lower cost to the idea of getting to decorate to your heart’s content—many fail to consider electrical or plumbing logistics for guests and vendors.

Choose a location with bathrooms on-site

Having the wedding ceremony and reception in one location saves money and time for the wedding party and guests. It also allows more time for photos and saves on having to decorate a second venue.

Hold the ceremony and reception in the same place

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