She Doesn’t Want Stepmother in Her Life After the Wedding Drama

Being a child of divorce is never easy, even if the biological parents have an amicable split; the variable always seems to be the step-parent.

Some step-parents are wonderful and fill the role quite nicely and make it feel like they’ve always been there.

However, some step-parents come in and make the situation harder than it already is.

Children of divorce often feel like things will get easier once they’re on their own, especially when away from the “evil” step-parent.

However, one Redditor recently found out that even after all this time, her step-parent still has ill will toward one of her biological parents.


The original poster (OP) grew up with very young parents that divorced when she was 10.

OP said neither parent handled the divorce well, and both refused to be in the same room as the other. As a result, OP grew up having separate holidays, birthdays, etc., with each parent.

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