Need a Side Hustle? Here are Work from Home Jobs You Should Consider

With inflation on the rise financial stress may be on the rise too. Many women are looking for a work-from-home job or to start a side hustle to help ease the financial burden.

Virtual Assistants do everything from scheduling social media, making graphics and ‘pins’ for blogs, writing posts, editing, writing and answering emails, replying to blog comments, and so much more.

virtual assistant

customer service

Big companies such as Amazon, American Express, and Humana now offer Customer Service positions that are telecommuting jobs.



I have many, many friends who work online for a non-profit. Fundraising, social media, copywriting, outreach, membership, and advocacy are just a few things they do.

online teaching or tutoring

I have a friend teaching for VIP Kid and putting all the money toward her student loans. It’s all online.

thrifting side gig

With everyone joining the “decluttering trend,” you can find some really good stuff now. Start in your own home first.

cooking or baking

I have a friend, and a few days a month, she rents a commercial kitchen. She makes healthy, locally sourced, home-cooked meals and sells them.

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