Fun DIY Dream Board Craft for the Whole Family

Encourage a Growth Mindset by Creating Dream Boards Together!

What is a Vision Board?

A vision board or dream board is a collection of images representing your goals, hopes, and dreams.

Dream boards are usually set up like a collage and are put somewhere where you can see them every day.


Let's Make a Dream Board with the Family.

You can make digital ones for your devices, such as tables, phones, computers.

Or you can make one with paper and images you cut up!

Why Dream  Boards Work.

Creating a dream board digitally or physically helps you set goals and brings your life vision to life.

How to Create a Dream Board on Paper

Use a big piece of cardboard and cut up images that represent your goals from magazines, or print them off on your computer.

Glue all the images onto the poster board or paper. Let it dry then hang it up somewhere where you will see it everyday!

How to Make a Digital Vision Board

Use Canva ( the free version)  -Upload the images you'd like to use.  -Arrange the images onto your canvas.  -Add mindset growth quotes to keep you inspired.  -Download!

For detailed instructions click below!

Having your goals and dreams on your devices will keep you focused, motivated and allows the law of attraction to work!


You Can Also Grab Ready to Use Online Vision Board Templates Below!

Just drag your images into the templates and you're done!


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