Small Weddings are In - Here's Why Story

The last two years have really impacted weddings and how they’re enjoyed. Micro weddings are all the rave now and here’s why.

Remember when you were little and dreamt of your Wedding day?

Picturing your wedding day, you wore a beautiful white gown with a flowing veil, a diamond tiara, and a cascading bouquet of white roses.

You had all your best girlfriends and cousins stand up for you (12 to be exact) as your bridal party, all wearing the same color dress and carrying a stunning bouquet.

Choosing The Right Style

You dreamed that your reception would take place in a grand, ornate ballroom. Three hundred of your closest friends and family members all raise a glass of champagne as you waltz into the room with your handsome groom, ready to take center stage and finally put into play the waltz that you have been practicing and perfecting for weeks up to the big day.

A recent article on talks about how more than 80% of couples say that their expectations and plans for their wedding have changed since the pandemic.

Enter the Micro Wedding

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