Stay Motivated and Achieve Anything

Think about a time where you had an idea and you were so excited about it! It made total sense and everything was so clear in your mind. You put together a plan and thought…”oh yes, this is it!” Did that feeling last? Are you still as pumped as you were when you thought of your idea or plan?

Losing Your Motivation

People don’t get it and judge you, or don’t show support. Maybe your family and friends question you or ignore what you’re trying to do. Maybe you got rejected from something once or twice, or so many times you’ve lost count.

You Get Turned Down or Rejected

They just don’t understand it. It could be that it’s so out of their comfort zone that they are uncomfortable just thinking about it working or not working.

It’s Too Much To Ask, and Won’t Work

In order for your dreams to come true, you need a lot more than support from your family and friends. That means if it’s money related or not. Let it go. They love you and support you, it’s not coming from an evil place. (if you think it is…that’s another issue)

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