6 Simple Steps to Help Reduce Anxiety and Fear

Fear is something we learn from at a very young age. It can help us navigate away from danger, to keep us safe but it can also stop us from achieving so much in our lives.

Why Does Anxiety Cause Fear?

Anxiety and fear almost go hand in hand. Our fear causes us to feel anxious which then causes us to overthink and come up with more fearful thoughts. 

How to Reduce Your Anxiety

The things that are listed here are ways that I have been able to reduced minor symptoms of fear and anxiety. They do not replace medical advice. 


Yoga allows you to take time to breathe, clear your mind and get your body moving. It’s no secret that when you move your body you feel better.

Listen to Calming Music

If you are feeling anxious or feel like fear is taking over, take a minute and put on some calming music. 

Read a book that will have you feeling better when you put it down, more relaxed, calm, and with your head a little clearer.


Try to take at least 3 big, deep breaths and try to calm your mind and thoughts. Keep breathing until you find a little relief from your thoughts.

How Can I Reduce Anxiety Quickly?

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