15 Professions That Seem Way Tougher Than They Are

Have you ever noticed some professions tend to wear their challenges like a badge of honor, even if the job isn’t as tough as it may seem? Many want to make others believe that they have it the worse.


While crafting a perfect latte or cappuccino requires skill, being a barista doesn’t usually involve life-or-death situations. Yet, you might hear them say they’ve got the most demanding job in the café.


Retail Workers during Sales

Retail workers might act like they’re preparing for a battlefield during busy shopping seasons. While handling crowds can be challenging, it’s not quite on par with some of the toughest jobs out there.


Social Media Influencers

Some influencers claim their job is a non-stop hustle, but it often involves sharing content they’re passionate about from the comfort of their own homes.


Event Planners

While coordinating events can be stressful, it’s not comparable to jobs involving life-or-death decisions. Still, you might hear event planners talk about it like they’re running a marathon.



Freelancers often tout the freedom and flexibility of their work, but sometimes, they might paint it as a constant struggle.


Personal Trainers

While they motivate people to stay healthy, being a personal trainer isn’t as grueling as working in an ER. Yet, you might hear them describe their job like they’re training for a triathlon. They get to hang out in a gym all day. How bad can it be?


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