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Stop Hitting the Snooze Button and Feeling Groggy in the Morning. 10 Ways to Help You Bounce Out of Bed Happier

What is your secret for getting out of bed early? Or are you here searching for a way to muster up the get-up?

After polling the internet, these are the top-voted ways people jump out of bed immediately every morning.

10 Ways to Help You Bounce Out of Bed Happier

Don’t Overthink It

“I don’t think about it. That sounds insane and not helpful, but I built the habit of immediately getting out of bed when the alarm goes off.

Set Your Alarm For the Last Possible Minute

“I make it, so I don’t have the choice to snooze my alarm. I have a morning routine that doesn’t involve a shower or anything I can shorten, as I already pre-packed lunch and picked out clothes the night before,” one shared.

Place a Loud Alarm Clock Out of Reach

“Put the alarm in a place where you have to get out of bed to turn it off with the volume up. Don’t get back in bed,” one suggested.

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