Taylor Swift is More Explicit Than Justin Beiber, Report Confirms

It’s official: Taylor Swift swears more in her music than Justin Bieber, according to the 2022 report on America’s Swearist and Cleanest Music Artist.

The Data After analyzing over 1.3 million words across lyrics from Billboard’s Top 200 charting artists last year, ATT Savings discovered that Taylor Swift swears 106 times throughout her entire discography. In contrast, Justin Bieber swears only 96 times.

The data comes from looking at the top 200 songs for the past year on Spotify to determine the most popular recording artists. Then they looked at the artists that made the weekly top 200 at least 100 times in the past year.

Next, they used Genius to scrape all those artists’ lyrics and then determined which curse words appeared the most. Finally, they used the word count and the number of curse words to determine the percent of curse words in the artist’s lyrics/songs.

They analyzed 1,320,336 words in song lyrics to determine which artists had the highest and lowest percentage of swear words.

The #1 cleanest artist at only 48 swears is Bruno Mars. From “Smokin’ Out the Window” to “Fly As Me,” only 0.16% of Bruno Mars’ lyrics were explicit from his tracks that made the top 200 on Spotify in the past year. That’s 48 curse words in total!

The Musicians Who Cursed the Least

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